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Super Scrapbooks!

scrapbook winners 300x172Thank you to all those who submitted their finished scrapbooks to the April competition.

We have read and looked at every single scrapbook – they came from all over the country and from Service families overseas. We (the Reading Force team, Alison, Elaine and Hattie), looked over them with our fantastic designer, Jo, and brilliant printer, Paul, both of whom were as captivated as us.

We have been very impressed with all the work that has gone into each scrapbook. Some had amazing illustrations, others had great sections of writing and research into the book. Some were full of humour, others brought tears to our eyes. Best of all, they reflect that participants had a good time doing Reading Force! Lots of you have said you will continue to read with your family and talk about the book because it was very enjoyable.

We always find what you choose to read really interesting. Books that several of you read this year are: Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvelous Medicine, Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo (with lots of illustrations to give Axel Scheffler a run for his money!), and the classic picture book Not now Bernard. We were happy to see that lots of you did your scrapbook on the free books we sent you to get started, these included David Almond’s The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas, Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch, Gillian Cross’ After Tomorrow.

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen the winners 

Certificate 200x283

Everyone who sent in their scrapbook will receive a special certificate for taking part and wins the prize of the book. You will soon receive these with your scrapbook, which you can keep as a special memento.

Congratulations to the winners of our top prizes who are:

Donohoe Family – scrapbook on Dick King-Smith’s The Hodgeheg – wins the family ticket to see ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ at the Gielgud Theatre.

Clark Family – scrapbooks on Jacqueline Wilson’s Diamond – wins the prize of watching a Hello! Magazine celebrity photo shoot.

Horndean Junior School HMS Explorers – scrapbooks on Oliver Jeffers’ and David Almond’s The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas, Nicola Davies’ Whale Boy, The BFG and Liz Pichon’s Tom Gates: genius ideas (mostly) – wins the one year subscription to The Phoenix Comic.

Hattle blog image 200x250

If you took part in Reading Force this year and would like to write a short guest blog on your experience, we would love to hear from you.

Finally, we would like to say congratulations to the Hattle Family, on the birth of baby Priddy, born while Mali was doing Reading Force with her Dad, waiting for her new brother to arrive!  We hope it won’t be long before he joins in with Reading Force.

We'd like to thank all the families who have given their permission to show their scapbooks and photos - you can view them in our Gallery.

Our next competition closes on 31st October 2014.



Scrapbook tips!

Taylor drawing 300x332If your scrapbook is lying around at home and you like the idea of using it and want to enter the Scrapbook Competition, but you’re not sure what to put in it, read on...

Hundreds of children and families are taking part in Reading Force at the moment, and we’ve already had some fantastic scrapbooks submitted to our Scrapbook Competition. The current competition closing date is 25th April 2014.

First things first, remember your scrapbook is for you and your family and friends – there is no right or wrong way to complete it – only your way! If you like writing – write. If you like drawing – draw. If you like making collages – collage. Please don’t put what you think you ‘should’ in the scrapbook. Put in what you want to include.

I’m going to mention some things other children and families have included, to give you some ideas. Because Reading Force is for all ages, not everything below will apply to you all.

Horsley family 201x144Case study-EdmondsDad Skype 198x140

Photos – Lots of Reading Force scrapbooks include photos of children/ siblings/family reading their chosen book, or out and about on a day trip. These are really nice because they capture the experience of sharing the book.

Edmonds drawing 230x320

Collage – We’ve just received a great scrapbook on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and colourful sweet wrappers have been stuck in next to photos, drawings, and notes. Other people have stuck in stickers and glued in post-it notes with comments on. 

Notes and thoughts – You can respond to the prompts in the scrapbook, such as ‘We chose this book because…’ or you can ignore these and write down other things about the book.

Edmonds scrapbook quote 250x156You may want to write about who is your favourite character in the book  and why; whether  you liked the ending – or if you thought it should have been a different ending and what this could have been. Did the book remind you of anything in your own life? Would you have wanted to be a character in this story?

Reed scrapbook drawing 210x213

Drawings – These could be characters from the book, or a picture of you and your family reading the book. You could do a drawing of a scene in the book. You could even invent a new cover for the book.

Cartoon strip – If drawing is your thing, you may want to have a go at making a cartoon strip in your scrapbook.

Pop-ups – Draw and cut out figures, stick them in so they can pop-up, or glue in flaps of paper that can be lifted up to reveal a drawing or note underneath.

Reed scrapbook ebluey 250x168

Letters and postcards
– If you are doing Reading Force with family members who are away from home, you can stick in the letters, postcards, or emails you sent one another about the book. We’ve had one scrapbook which included coins sent from grandparents in Canada to grandchildren in Hampshire!

All scrapbooks entered to the competition are returned (by recorded post, to ensure they don’t get lost) to families with a special certificate and a free book. AND you may win one of our great competition prizes. Check out our competition page for details. 

Have fun scrapbooking!

Our next competition closes on 31st October 2014.
We'd like to thank all the families who have given their permission to show their scapbooks and photos.


2013 Scrapbook Competition winners!

The Reeds 2013 300x200Thank you to all the families who entered the 2013 Scrapbook Competition. It has been a pleasure to look at the scrapbooks and fantastic to see all the different ways families have taken part – some at home together, some separated by deployments, some with extended family, some with one parent and child – and all completed with effort and creativity.

Every scrapbook will soon be returned to families, along with a certificate and free book. Congratulations to everyone for taking part. We are pleased to say that many of you have won a prize! Details of your prize will be included in your letter.

We were also impressed by the broad range of books read – from much loved classics such as Roald Dahl’s The Twits, Charles Dickens' Tale of Two Cities, Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things are, to newer titles such as Andy McNab’s The New Recruit, Peppa Pig, Anna Wilson’s Nina Fairy Ballerina, and Jillian Powell’s Spies and Gadgets.

We loved the photographs of your reading groups reading in different places, whether you were at the library or away on holiday, and all the wonderful drawings which featured in many of the scrapbooks. We seem to have a lot of brilliant artists taking part in Reading Force! With participants’ permission we will soon put some of the scrapbook pages online in our gallery.

Many of you wrote in your scrapbooks that you ‘love doing Reading Force’ and that you had a lot of fun doing so. Please tell your friends about it as Reading Force 2014 is starting this January. And we hope that all those who took part this year will take part again next year!



2012 Competition winners!

The DawsonsThank you to everyone who entered the Reading Force competition and shared scrapbooks with us. We have really enjoyed looking at them. It has been brilliant to see how families have joined Reading Force and taken part with gusto. Rest assured, all scrapbooks will be returned with a certificate, and of course some of you will receive a prize!

The scrapbooks have made us laugh, moved us, brought tears to our eyes, displayed your creativity, and shown us just how resourceful Forces children and parents are. The various ways in which family book groups completed their scrapbooks has also been lovely to see. Some scrapbooks were completed by siblings, some by all the family, others by a father and child or mother and child, aunts were included in some, and grandparents in others, proving that all and any kind of family can take part in Reading Force. 

We hope that everyone who took part this year will join again, alongside newcomers.

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